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SINGLE GUYS  -  How to become a member of Townhouse



We don't just issue memberships to single guys at Townhouse. Our memberships are free, therefore, we choose who gets a membership. All guys are welcome to attend non member events by booking directly with us or following the instruction on the individual event details. Non member events are indicated by *** on our What's On page. 

If you are attending as a non member 

  • Check the event details to ensure single guys are permitted and it's an event that suits you
  • Email us direct to book in ONLY IF YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU CAN MAKE IT! 
  • Arrive before 9.30pm on your first night, before 10.30pm on subsequent nights
  • Bring full ID with you to all events. 
  • Follow the dress code - absolutely no trainers or sportswear
  • Read the rules and etiquette before you attend


How we issue memberships to guys 

  • Memberships are given at our discretion
  • We will need to get to know you at non member events first
  • We don't issue memberships based on looks or size of appendage! 
  • We want guys who respect our club, our members and rules 
  • Memberships are free - so we are careful about who gets one
  • You pay less for entry once you're a member
  • Once a member, you can book in for our Saturday Party nights and will get a reduced price entry to some events!! 

Things to note 

  • If you lose your membership card, your membership is cancelled
  • There will be member and non member prices for most events 
  • Follow event links for specific pricing details
  • Memberships can be revoked at anytime for breaking rules
  • We NEVER allow groups of 2 or more guys in on any night
  • No ID - No entry
  • There are perks to membership so it pays to get that card!! 



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